Conveniently situated in the area known as ‘il Piano’, overlooking the Sassi, and close to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Matera’s beating heart, “il Nido del Grillaio” is now ready to welcome you.
The town’s natural and artistic wonders are just a short walk away; and so are an array of ‘locali’ – bars, restaurants, pizzeria with their wide range of refreshments and entertainment.
Matera’s history is written in limestone; this is evident in both its caves and historic buildings. At ‘il Nido del Grillaio’ we have used natural and local materials, such as limestone and wood, to instil a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing which will enhance your stay in Matera and make it wonderous.
The house is located on the second floor of an historic building, on a secondary road in the heart of Matera. It does not have a lift. It is comprised of two floors comfortably connected by both an internal and an external staircase. The internal staircase can be locked in order to provide privacy, if required, as both floors have additional independent entrances.
The first floor has high vaults with exposed limestone and wide windows making the rooms bright. This floor comprises of hallway, spacious living room with sofa bed, and kitchenette.

The linear design and bright colours create a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. The sleeping area is made up of a large and bright double bedroom with a wall length wardrobe and a fully equipped shower room.
The second floor is a wooden-roofed attic fitted with skylight and a small side window, and a fully equipped shower room. The de-stressing and calming principles of the Zen philosophy inspired us in furnishing this part of the house. We made it our priority to research the correct materials!
We chose to furnish this floor with a few essential pieces made of organic and natural materials, with smooth lines. We were mindful of the negative impact of domestic magnetic fields and avoided using metal where possible:

  •  Tatami made of rice straw, instead of traditional bedside tables.
  •  A Japanese type bed made of untreated solid fir-wood by Karup, the worldwide
    experts in combining Scandinavian and Japanese design.
  • The ‘futon’ by Karup, hand filled with natural cotton and rubber for more comfort,
    replaces the mattress.
  • Lampstands made only of rice paper or wood.
  •  To sit on or to meditate, ‘zafu’, low pillows stuffed with buckwheat peel.